Loans and annuities are not the same financial products, but you can use them in similar ways if you know how to manage your money. You need to do a bit of planning and research before you start using annuities to manage your money, and you cannot take out just any loan to manage your finances. Each of the steps that you see listed below will explain how you can save money by using both annuities and loans to keep track of your expenses.

What Do Annuities Do?

Annuities are special investments that boil down to insurance contracts. The insurance company gets your money for a short time so that they can operate, and you get your money back with a dividend when the annuity matures. Every annuity is different, but you could actually take out an annuity that will mature at or greater than the value of the loan that you plan to take out depending on what the loan is for. When you do this you have a built-in plan for paying off the loan.

How Do You Manage Your Loans?

You can take out short-term loans for a number of things like college, cars, and even vacations that have a correlating annuity investment. If you put away just enough money to help the annuity mature, you can pay off the loan with the annuity investment you made. You can make small payments on the loans in the interim, and you can pay off the loan when the annuity matures. Because you made money on the annuity, you will not need to worry about losing money on interest on the loan. You will make all that money back when the loan matures.

Get Your Brokerage And Lending Services In The Same Place

The brokerage and lending services that you receive are best kept to one location. If you can get a short-term loan and annuity from the same company, you might get lower interest rates on the loan and higher rates on the annuity. You are ensuring that you can pay off the loan, and you are also ensuring that you will have money left over when the annuity matures.


The loans that you get should be tied to an annuity that can pay it off for you in the future. This simple piece of bookkeeping can help reduce the price of loans while also producing a profit when the annuity matures.